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Moroccan Mint Tea Subscription Plans

What you'll receive every month

Treasure Box

With our Moroccan Mint Tea subscription plan, you'll never run out of the perfect tea set accompaniments.

Exotic Moroccan Mint Tea

You will receive 8 ounces of loose Moroccan Mint Tea in a muslin herb bag.  This is a simple tea that captures that feeling of freshness in every cup. Blended with gunpowder green tea, the peppermint leaves sooth the mind, relax the body, and feed the soul! 

Luxury Crystal Sugar Sticks

You will received 6 Luxury Sugar Sticks.  Perfect for the high class individual and individuals of certain status.  Pairs well with a cup of tea or even coffee.  

What makes us a cut above the rest?


We rescue vulnerable buyers from buying tragic "made in China” copy of original works of art. Buy with confidence from us since each of our sets come with a Certificate of Authenticity.


We are the "real deal” for authentic Moroccan Tea Sets.  We provide tea sets that are unique and handcrafted by local Moroccan artisans. 


Impress with our one-of-a-kind pieces flown from the exotic lands of Morocco to you.  No massed produced junk.

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